20th Century Jersey Glass

August Hofbauer
Vineland Glass Works, Inc. 1932-1958?
Beacon Glass Company 1944-1949
South Jersey Bog Glass Works 1966-1968

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Welcome to my site on 20th century New Jersey glass! My name is Jim Davies and I am the owner and publisher of this site.

On this web site I am going to try to show some examples of glass that were blown by August (Pop) Hofbauer. Even though you may not recognize the name many glass collectors may have seen his work and mistaken thought it for some one else's glass. I have seen his glass attributed to Bischoff and Brockunier of West Virginia just to name a couple. I am fortunate to have a photo copy of an old brochure Beacon Glass which has been a great help in identifying many of his mold blown pieces. His freeblown pieces are harder to identify but can be found. On the following pages I will show many of these pieces and give measurements to help other collectors with their identification.

Most of these photos are pieces out of my collection. If you think I have wrongly identified a piece please let me know so we can discuss it and change it if need be. Also, if you have a piece of glass you would like to see added from your collection let me know. If I choose to add it I will be sure to give you credit for that piece.

I have added a brief history of his life here.  If you have information on August Hofbauer you are willing to share please write me and I will try to add it to this site for others to learn from.

To go to other South Jersey companies or artists please use the menu on the left. As my knowledge and collection grows I will be updating these pages. You will also find a link to pieces I have for sale.

Please feel free to write me with questions and comments.

Thank you for your time and enjoy!

Please note:
Still under construction

When I have completed this site it will have photos of most all of the items listed in the "Beacon Glass Company" catalog as well as many other pieces not shown.

I hope you enjoy and appreciate the time and effort put into this site.

Ruffled edge candy dish footed with 16 ribs, aquamarine blue to green in color, 10 1/2" by 3 3/4" high. Not in any catalog I have seen

Aquamarine blue ruffled edge candy dish. 7" by 2 1/8" high, not shown in any catalog I have seen.

A Bon-Bob dish with crimpt edge, 7" wide.  Shown in the Beacon catalog

Another style of Bon-Bon or candy dish.  Similar in style as the green one above but smaller in size, it is 6 3/4" across and 3" high.  16 ribs.  Not in any catalog I have seen.

A Colonial Jug, optic ribbed, crystal handle.  8" tall.  Fairly common, shown in the Beacon catalog.

A decanter, unfortunately I do not believe the stopper is original.  Stands about 8 3/4" tall and 7" across with-out the stopper.  Not in any catalog I have seen.  Shown with a solid glass stopper.

12" tall crackled vase in tropical green with a ruffled top. Note that the top is not crackled, only the body of the vase. Not a lot of crackled glass was made by Hofbauer. These pieces are often mis-identified as being made by Bischoff Glass.

A large jug or pitcher, inverted thumbprint, 9" tall by about 8" wide, normally with a clear ribbed handle and a lobster claw attachment, red is the rarest color.

A Star & Dewdrop open salt made on August Hofbauer's press.  These were sometimes sold at Clevenger's

A nice little looped creamer.  It is 4 1/2" tall and about 4" across.


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